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Montreal gentleman's club

A Guide to Etiquette Strip Clubs Montreal

Whether you’re new to strip clubs in Montreal or you’re a regular customer, it’s important to remember that like at any other establishment, rules of etiquette apply. Don’t make the mistake of leaving your manners at the door; strippers and strip club employees are human beings, too. If you follow these simple rules of etiquette the next time you hit a strip joint, you’re sure to become a welcome and well-treated customer.

Don't expect anything else but fun at Strip Club Montreal


When visiting strip clubs in Montreal, don’t be stingy; be generous with the tips.  If you see a woman perform and you enjoy the experience thoroughly, don’t hesitate to give a good tip.  However, don’t go so crazy giving tips that you clean out your bank account.  Set a budget before you walk into the strip club so you know exactly how much you can tip each stripper.

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The best Exotic Dancers are in Montreal

If it’s your first time at strip clubs in Montreal, watch how the regular customers act and then follower their example.  Although you might feel tempted to stick a bill in the stripper’s thong or touch a girl’s unmentionables, don’t do it unless that seems to be the norm at the particular club you’re visiting.

Come enjoy a lapdance at one of our Strip-Club in Montreal

Don’t make the mistake of treating strippers like brainless bimbos.  You’d be surprised to learn that many of them are actually smart and educated people. 

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To all the Strippers

Remember why you are doing this and REMAIN FOCUS.

This is just a temporary job and not what you will do for the rest of your life.

It is a JOB and not WHO YOU ARE.

While you are making BIG money, be smart, save some, invest some, get your credit together

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