A Guide to Etiquette at Montreal Strip Clubs

Montreal Strip clubs doesn’t have a Red district light

Montreal Strip clubs strippers work for 10$ -15$ or 20$ per contact lap dance. Unlike Amsterdam, Montreal does not have a red light district. The adult entertainers, gentleman’s clubs, nightclubs, Montreal strip bars all co-exist in and around the downtown core of Montreal. With so many nude bars and beautiful Montreal girls all over the city, you’ll soon understand why Montreal has the reputation that brought you here.

There are lots of strip bars and clubs to choose from in the city of Montreal.

Read below our chronicle on strip club etiquette to get a feel for the scene here.

In case you have never been to a strip club, or if your experience is somewhat limited, here’s a little rundown of the appropriate etiquette to be followed when visiting one of this city’s reputable strip clubs.

Hopefully our advice will help you, our faithful readers, to avoid getting caught in a sticky situation!

Either to escape the cold nights or to refresh with a cold beer on a hot day, come and have fun in a Strip club Montreal

Learn how to be a perfect gentleman at Montreal Strip Clubs

Whether you’re new to Montreal strip clubs or you’re a regular customer, it’s important to remember that like at any other establishment, rules of etiquette apply. Don’t make the mistake of leaving your manners at the door; strippers and strip club employees are human beings, too. If you follow these simple rules of  etiquette the next time you hit a Montreal  strip club, you’re sure to become a welcome and well-treated customer.

First things first, get ready to pay a cover charge. While some can be as low as a couple of dollars, other establishments can charge upwards of five or 20 bucks a pop depending on the quality of the dancers and the reputation of the club.


Secondly, always remember to tip the doorman no matter where he decides to seat you.

While we’d all like to be as close to the action as possible, it’s not always feasible for everyone to get front-row center seats for the show.

Finally, be advised that ordering a drink is required whether you want one or not.

Most drinks (non-alcoholic beverages included) go for upwards of eight dollars, so make sure you have enough cash on-hand before you sit down to enjoy the show. Again, don’t forget to tip the waitress after every round.

And remember guys, no matter how many beers you’ve had or how much you think the strippers have got a thing for you, any unsolicited groping of the dancers is liable to get you thrown out of the establishment, or worse, in jail so have fun safely in a Montreal Strip clubs