You need to try a pole dancing classes in Montreal because it is the best way to get in shape, become stronger while boosting your self-esteem and confidence. Pole dancing is a unique form of dance, and it doesn’t involve your usual dance moves and style.

It involve a lot of upside down mouvement, standing on heads, shoulders, forearm while standing still on the pole and making it look easy. 

It is for everyone, women and mens of different age who comes from all walks of life and wants to feel empowered, challenge themselves,  and sparkle with sweat. It enable very powerful moves


 It’s a kind of dance combined with acrobatics that is done on a vertical pole.   It involved learning  static rotation,  spins, fireman butterfly, and many other moves. In recent years, pole dancing is only seen at night and associated with nightclubs because it required minimum dressing. But today, due to its increasing popularity; it’s now viewed as more of a fitness exercise than a seductive dance pattern. Just like any dance you are used to, pole dance has its dress code. The fact that you don’t need to wear too much clothing when performing pole dance is for safety reasons because when your skin comes in direct contact with metal (pole); 

Remember that the pole is static, meaning it does not move so the dancer is responsable for the rotation and mouvements.

It creates friction which enables the dancer to hold on to the pole. Hence, the body parts that touch the pole (legs, hands, shoulders, and belly) should be exposed. 

What kind of clothes can you wear to perform pole dance in safety?

Due to the above reasons, not all type of clothes can be used to dance on a pole. Here are specific clothes types.

To give you extra comfort and allow your skin to come in contact with the pole, you need a sports bra.

Some women who aren’t comfortable on a bra prefer to use a tank top, while others prefer to perform pole dance with high heels as well.

Aside from these, you can get a variety of pole dancing clothes online, from bras to nude shorts; they are all available for quick picks.

Booty shorts are mostly used due to it stretchy nature, and it allows the pole to grip your skin firmly.


The nude thong is meant to protect your body from showing because your shorts might shift while you are dancing.


Heels: Choose one pair that you have worn before and you are comfortable in. But you can also do it with your socks on or bare foot


Pole dancing has a lot of health benefits aside from being a mere dance pattern. It serves as a fitness exercise as well.

But how can pole dancing help you to stay fit?



Have you ever thought of not having to do sit-ups or crunches ever again?

Yes, a religious performance of pole dancing for some time will help you to achieve the perfect body of your dreams.



Most people will never see pole dancing as an activity that can get their heart rates up.

Pole dancing produces fantastic results on your body and also helps in your body’s cardiovascular activities.



When you perform pole dancing religiously, you will discover a pole dance is an intensive sport that strengthens your shoulders, arms, and abs. Thus, helping you to release so much energy and burning down excess fat in the process.



If you want your back muscles to be firm, then; you should consider pole dancing.

It helps you to develop the extra strength needed for more work.