Come and Discover the Top Strip Clubs in Montreal

Whether you’re in Montreal for fun on a Vacation or having a Bachelor’s Party; be sure to stop by some of the Hottest and Biggest Strip Clubs in America. Featuring some of the hottest women you have ever laid your eye’s upon as you find all the exciting things to do in Montreal, the Entertainment capital of the World.!!!

Strip Clubs Montreal has some of the hottest dancers in America. Have Fun Getting Your Lap Dance On. Anytime is a Good Time to go to a Strip Club:

  • Bachelor Parties
  • Birthdays
  • Celebrations
  • Holidays
  • Special Events

Sexy Dancers and Hot Lap Dances Awaits. Here’s the list of our top Montreal’s Strip bars

Come enjoy our strip club in Montreal!

Montreal have over 40 strip club just in Montreal alone and it surrounding. Why? Simply because Montrealers are very opened minded people who loves to party and enjoy mostly the presence of gorgeous girls.

If you haven’t been to a strip-club before in your life or if you’ve been only once somewhere else, be ready to what Montreal have to offer you.

First of all you have to be more then 18 years of age to get in a strip-club because at 18 years old you are considered an adult here in Montreal contraries to the United States where it is 21.

Now that you are legal and excited you will need to have money to pay the entrance fee which varies between 5 to 20 dollars here in Montreal. Once paid the doorman you will need to pay someone who is assigned to give you a seat, some clubs the doorman is also the ”seater”

Rules of the Strip Bar


While it’s every guy’s wildest dream to be going out with a busty stripper who really knows how to shake her booty so that every single one of her well-formed curves makes an appearance, dating a stripper offers its own set of relationship challenges that usually begins with an authoritative “No!”. Just put yourself in their position: you’re out there on stage every night of the week trying to make an honest living and every single gigolo in the club thinks he’s got a chance to take you home with a slick, new pick-up line you’ve probably already heard a million times before. It’s not exactly what you’d call the perfect setting for a romantic encounter!

That being said, it is important to note that each strip-club in town and each individual exotic dancer have their own set of rules about dating the customers that have to do with personal safety and separating work from pleasure



And while it may be every girl’s romantic fantasy to go walking hand-in-hand with a hunky male stripper complete with strapping arms, hulking chest and large bulges in the most surprising places, the dating game takes on a whole new dimension when you’re getting paid to have women ogle your naked body!

Again, dating customers depends on individual club policy and the dancer’s own discretion.